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May-ling Martinez was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is currently living in San Diego, CA. In 2007 she compleated a MFA degree in Sculpture from San Diego State University. And in 1996 a bachelor's degree in Communications and Visual Arts from Sacred Heart University, in Puerto Rico. Martinez' work has been exhibited in numerous juried, group and solo shows. The work has been reviewed in The San Diego Union Tribune by Robert Pincus and interviews have appeared in publications such as, the San Diego City Beat, by Barbara Davenport. In 2006-07' she was awarded the San Diego Art Prize as an emerging artist by the San Diego Artist Network and L Street Gallery. Her work consists of mixed media installations, sculptures and collages that function as triggers to evoke memories.

"For a while know I’ve been collecting and working with home related elements and objects. I’ve always found comfort and security in them and in the general idea of the house. Philosophers, psychoanalysts and poets have perceived the House, or the home as a magical place full of contradictory wonder. That can function as a structure forming device."
"I'm also intrigued by the phenomenon of memories, as subjective and unclear perceptions of an event or important moment in our lives. For this reason I construct memory-triggering devices to evoke what I perceive as precious personal recollections. The work relates closely to storytelling, but the stories and the events are not clear. In the work I suggest vague memories, a strange mix between reality and fantasy."


Blogger hotboy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. My daughter has just started at Edinburgh Art College. Hotboy

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Anonymous huguin said...

May , eres la mejor y estamos super orgullosos de ti. Cuidate mucho y se que pronto otros valorisaran todo tu arte como lo hacemos nosotros, te amamos! Hugo, Cindy y Hannah!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muchos cariños May. He compartido tu website con varios artistas europeos pa que vean lo dura que estas en tu arte LOL Mara

8:39 AM  
Anonymous elsa mickelsen said...

HEy there May-ling,
It was great to meet you yesterday--- thanks for your inspirational talk.
-elsa mickelsen
(I'm the blond from after class who collects weird stuff...)

10:46 AM  

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